Ryan & Christopher

Ryan and Christopher have been together for greater than a decade, they have two dogs, and a home together, but this year they were at last granted the right to marry! Two weeks after the Supreme court ruling, and on the anniversary of their 15th year as a couple, they were finally able to say "I do."  They had a small private ceremony in Washington Park and I was so very honored to be asked to document it for them.

After their vows we strolled through OTR for a mini portrait session...


Ryan and I both participated in the  CincyInk Project, and were very excited when we walked by this bit of art. Here, Ryan and Christopher are posing next to a snip-it of the Cincinnati inspired poem.  Phrases like this have been put up all throughout the city!

Next we all headed downtown to the 21C Rooftop bar, where they had an intimate reception with close friends.  They plan to have a larger reception in November, but this was a really nice way to finish off their big day!

So happy for these two!