How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding, but these are going to be images that you are going to look back on and remember that all your planning and hard work was worth it! So take a breath and let’s talk about some easy ways to make your engagement session the best it can be!

1 - Don’t try to match

This is important. You want your outfits to coordinate, but if you’re both wearing the same colored shirt in every picture, the images will look boring. Instead coordinate his shirt to your accessories. Neutrals are always a safe bet. You can add some fun by adding a splash of color. Make sure to stay away from really bright, florescent colors. When it comes to picking colors, my best advice is to wear your wedding colors. This way your images will match your invitations and decorations!


2 - Make your outfits your own!

Be bold. Whether it’s scarves, necklaces or any other fun jewelry, make your outfit your own and let your personality show!

3 - Empty your pockets

When you arrive for your engagement session empty out your pockets. Leave your cell phone and any other unnecessary items in your car. You don’t want your phone, keys, or wallet showing through your pants in your pictures.

4 - Bring a Second Outfit

Most couples like to have one outfit that is more casual and one that is a little more on the dressy side. This allows for two different looks at your session. I recommend starting with your dressier outfit first, that way we can end the session just having fun! You absolutely do not need to bring two outfits, but if you do make sure to let me know so I can make sure to make time for both.


5 - Be comfortable in what you choose to wear.

You don’t want to be adjusting your shirt or worrying about your outfit through your whole session.

6 - Be on Time

When shooting an engagement session there is only so much sunlight. The later you arrive, the less sunlight we have to work with, which ultimately means fewer pictures. Who wants that!?!

7 - Clean your ring!

Your engagement ring will be on display in your pictures, so make sure it’s sparkly clean!


8 - Make a date night out of your engagement session

Finish off the night with a drink, or dinner! Make it a night to remember, because you’ll only get to do this once!

9 - Relax!

You’ve got this! You don’t need to be a pro, that’s what I’m for! We’re going to have a blast!