Children's Ministries

Vacation Bible School

Anamedia recently had the great pleasure of shooting The Calvary Church’s Vacation Bible School.

VBS - Monday 6849.jpg

This year's theme was “Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street.”  The children participated in arts and crafts, water games, and learned different lessons, about gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, grace and faithfulness. 

Every evening began with all the kids singing and dancing together.

VBS - Monday 6900.jpg
VBS - Wednesday 7421.jpg
VBS - Monday 6809.jpg

 Then they would break out, according to age, for different classes and activities.

VBS - Monday 6540.jpg
VBS - Monday 6552.jpg
VBS - Monday 6819.jpg
VBS - Monday 6817.jpg
VBS - Wednesday 7252.jpg
VBS - Monday 6584.jpg
VBS - Friday 7558.jpg
VBS - Wednesday 7433.jpg

 We had so much fun watching the kids interact with one another.  So thankful to have been a part of a wonderful week at The Calvary Church.

VBS - Wednesday 7281.jpg
VBS - Friday 7734.jpg
VBS - Friday 7821.jpg