Joe & Valerie {Engagement}

Please excuse me, anyone who follows this blog, for letting it go by the wayside for the last (almost) year! I have no excuses except I have not made blogging a priority, but I will change that for 2015, or at least try. That being said, the blog may have been dormant but photography has been anything but. So I'm going to highlight a few of last year's images for you over the next few weeks or so, starting with Joe and Valerie.

These two are so much fun not only to photograph but to generally just be around. The first time we met we ended up chatting in a Starbucks for almost two hours! I knew then we were going to get along wonderfully!

We photographed their engagement pictures on the farm of a friend of theirs... at sunset. I know. Perfection, right? It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I pulled up to the address and parked, got out, and almost wept it was so beautiful. Two barns, a beautiful high ridge, a horse pasture, and we had free reign of the whole shebang!

Valerie is an equestrian and owns her own horse, so she's very comfortable around them. Joe and I on the other hand were a little wary, but willing to do a photo or two. They were so sweet honestly, but you can tell Valerie actually adores and knows horses. They all just gravitated to her!

After leaving the horses, we made a quick outfit change and then started trekking up the ridge. It was a bit daunting, very steep and very high, but I knew getting to the top in time for the last bit of golden hour and sunset would be worth it... and it so was!!!

The chemistry these two have is something that can't be faked. It was such a wonderful experience to just say "okay stand there annnd... go!" Their affection for one another was palpable and such a pleasure to experience. I think it really translated into some beautiful work!

Thanks so much Joe and Val! I can't wait to share your wedding next!