Lockland Incinerator

On the southbound side of I-75 here in Cincinnati, there is a smokestack that rises above the tree line around the Lockland area.  In the winter you can see a building attached to it, but not much detail.  I've been driving by this for 5 years, and have wanted to explore it further for a little over a year.  Last Saturday, I finally had the oppurtunity to do so.

Davis Street Ruins 12352.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12433.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12428.jpg

This building sits on a 32 acre lot and was once an incinerator that provided steam for lock operations on the Miami Erie Canal.  

The structure was very unstable.  The floor had disentegrated in places leaving holes to the levels below.  It appears that that building caught fire at some point, and it now seams to be more of a dumping ground for trash.  

Davis Street Ruins 12415.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12397.jpg

Nathan came along with me, here he is walking the perimeter.  If anyone reading this blog decides to explore any abandoned buildings, please do me the favor of never going alone.  Any number of things could happen and you need someone with you in case it does, so bring a friend. 

Davis Street Ruins 12438.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12405.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12463.jpg
Davis Street Ruins 12481.jpg