Washington D.C.

I started this post about three weeks ago and have since shot 4 weddings, so it's been a bit hectic over here at Anamedia.  I'll try to budget my time a little better between all the photo editing.

Washington D.C. was...rainy.  It rained everyday we were there, so not so many pictures, but we did manage to get out a few times between rain bursts.


Day 1 -

Smithsonian - Museum of Natural History

After exploring the museum we headed to this fantastic little French place called "Bistro du Coin," which is amazing and you should definitely go, if you ever find yourself in D.C.  

Below is Brian, enjoying his very first bite of escargot.

Days 2 -

The Winery At La Grange

Before we left for D.C., I did some homework.  I found that there was a pretty nice winery nearby, and they offered wine tastings all the time.  I would definitely recommend La Grange to anyone going to/living in the DC area, it's a bit of a drive, but it's really worth the trip.  I apologize for not taking more photos, I was too busy enjoying my wine.

Day 3 - 

Day three basically consisted of laying around, watching TV, and eating tons of food.  It was really cold and rainy, so we enjoyed snuggles on the couch and HGTV overload.  Around 3:00 o'clock, I got pretty restless and asked if there was anything scenic nearby, because I needed to do something.  So Nathan and I wound up at Chapman's Mill.  It's a pretty neat old place, not much to it anymore; a fire in 1998 consumed everything but the stone and metal.   Stabilization projects began in 2004 to preserve the building, but I'm not sure if there are any plans for restoration.

 Day 4 -

It poured; but we I was determined to do something.  So I dragged everyone out along with me.  We first went to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Center in Chantilly.  It's a museum, with tons of planes and helicopters.  They also have a space shuttle, and all kinds of smaller air travel related paraphernalia.  You can take a tour where the guides will lead you through the entire history of air travel; really interesting stuff.

After Udvar-Hazy we decided to explore the downtown D.C. a little more, but we mostly just got soaked.  We did manage to get to a little bakery in Georgetown called "Baked and Wired," which, according to locals, is way better than "Georgetown Cupcakes."

Just a little shout out for D.C.'s metro system that makes getting around the city super easy.  Just stay to the right and no one gets hurt.

DC is a spectacular destination.  It's not all monuments and museums, but there are a lot of them, and they're pretty niffty too.