Yelp's IndepenDANCE Day Bash

This July 4th Anamedia was asked to visit the "National Underground Railroad Freedom Center" to photograph and video Yelp's Independance Day Bash.  We rocked out to local bands while we stuffed our faces with free food and drinks, and then ended the night at the newly opened Smale Park to see Cincinnati's firework show.  Check out the photos below, and come back soon to see the video shot and edited by the other half of Anamedia, Nathan.

July4thCincy 40.jpg
July4thCincy 1.jpg
July4thCincy 5.jpg
July4thCincy 4.jpg
July4thCincy 7.jpg
July4thCincy 8.jpg
July4thCincy 12.jpg
July4thCincy 9.jpg
July4thCincy 13.jpg
July4thCincy 10.jpg
July4thCincy 11.jpg
July4thCincy 16.jpg
July4thCincy 14.jpg
July4thCincy 15.jpg
July4thCincy 34.jpg
July4thCincy 24.jpg
July4thCincy 25.jpg
July4thCincy 37.jpg
July4thCincy 28.jpg
July4thCincy 30.jpg
July4thCincy 32.jpg
July4thCincy 20.jpg
July4thCincy 35.jpg
July4thCincy 26.jpg
July4thCincy 27.jpg
July4thCincy 19.jpg
July4thCincy 33.jpg
July4thCincy 38.jpg
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July4thCincy 36.jpg
July4thCincy 39.jpg
July4thCincy 41.jpg
July4thCincy 43.jpg
July4thCincy 44.jpg
July4thCincy 42.jpg